Solar Installation

How does the solar process work?

Going solar is a smart financial move for the homes that qualify.  The first step is that we put together a no obligation solar design.  Basically we use historical data regarding average sun hours and compare that with the annual energy consumption of your home.  From there we put together a custom design to fit your needs.  

Then we schedule an appointment to go over your design in a no pressure environment to see if going solar is a good fit for you and your home.  We truly take a consultative approach vs a sales approach.  If solar isn’t a good fit for you financially, we won’t recommend you make the switch!

At Olympus Home we assist throughout the entire process!  From initial design, to HOA approval and permitting, to interconnect with the utility company and finally to install and commissioning.  Our services being in house means that you can rest assured your project will remain a top priority.
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