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Solar Installation

We offer in house solar installations!  What this means for the homeowner is that they can receive top of the line products and service, for a much lower price than our competitors can offer.  

Having our own in house crew allows us to control the process from start to finish, and ensure that homeowners receive the same great customer experience customers have grown accustomed to from Olympus Home.


local roofing

Our specialty is delivering the highest quality roof repairs and new roof replacements for both residential and commercial jobs. We are preferred vendors of top shingle producers, which stands as a testament to our customer satisfaction and good work. We are skilled in getting your roof repair covered by insurance, so nothing breaks the bank!

If you’re simply curious about if it’s time to improve your roof or if you suspect there might be an issue, don’t hesitate! We offer free inspections and quotes. LEARN MORE.

Gutters + Gutter Guards

We offer in house gutter replacements – with an entire tear-off and installation often completed within half a day. By the time you go to the gym and lunch, you could return home to a brand new gutter system! 

We offer multiple colors, so you can pick the hue that is sure to make your house pop. 

We can also provide mesh capillary gutter guards, to ensure you’ll never have to scoop another wet leaf or worry about a clogged downspout again! LEARN MORE.

new gutter guard


vinyl siding

It’s the largest aesthetic portion of a house, it stands the test of time from storms, rain, children bouncing basketballs off it, and even the occasional bump from the car that didn’t quite back into the garage correctly. If there is ever any issue with siding, we are the go-to people for your repair! 

If you have questions about your siding but aren’t sure if there is a need for a repair, don’t hesitate! All our inspections are free, so we can easily come to our residence and check out what might be going on. 


Do you have a broken window? Maybe some rotten wood or the frame isn’t sitting as square as it used to? 

Never worry! Olympus Home can help you with any and all of your window needs. Just reach out to let us know your thoughts, we’ll send someone out to take a look, and then let you know the best way we can help you. 

Window repair and install
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