Residential Roofing Services

roof inspection

Are you dealing with a leaking roof? Maybe a storm just came through. Perhaps a gust of wind knocked a tree limb on to your roof. Simply, it could be that no one has checked out your roof for years! Whatever the reason, proper roof maintenance recommends a yearly roof inspection to catch potential problems in time. 

Our roofs are exposed to so much weathering, it doesn’t take long for an easily repairable issue to transform into thousands of dollars worth of damage if left untouched.

This is why we offer free inspections to everyone! We’ll schedule a time to come out and do a ground-to-roof inspection, showing you pictures of anything we might find. Should there be any issues, of course we’ll let you know what your options are and an estimate- all free of charge! 

roof Repair

Some problems are small or contained enough where a simple repair is all that is needed. This can be the case with isolated leaks, wind damage, and worn or missing shingles.
If a repair is all that is needed after conducting a roof inspection, we schedule a time that works for you to come out and make the appropriate fixes. Repairs happen quickly and are usually completed within a few hours. 

roof Replacement

Sometimes damage can be extensive or a roof is so old that a complete replacement is the best route to take. This often happens with weather damage and acts outside of human control. Our roofs are exposed to a lot of wind, rain, storms, and hail. Weathering issues typically qualify homeowners with home insurance for full roof replacements through their insurance. You might not even have a noticeable problem or leak yet, but as insurance companies know how expensive repairing interior problems can be should a leak form, they get out ahead of it by covering complete roof replacements.
With Olympus Home, we want to make sure you walk away happy and confident with your new roof. That’s also why we throw in free upgrades when you use us for your roof work. This included installing ice and water shields in the valleys of the roof, vent pipe/ plumbing pipe boot covers, architectural shingles, and replacing tar paper with a stronger synthetic waterproof underlayment.
New roofs on most houses can be replaced within a 1-2 days depending on the size of the house. Larger projects, such as including detached carports, etc., may need more time. 
If you are curious if your house has lingering weather damage or could qualify for a new roof under insurance, please get in touch so we can schedule your appointment! 

Of course if you have any questions or aren’t sure where to start, you can contact our office staff who look forward to hearing from you! 

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