Roof inspection

How does a roof inspection work?

We make  getting an inspection an easy and fast process! Often we get a call only once an issue has become apparent. However, we recommended getting regular roof inspections, simply to get ahead of any lurking problems, so something preventable doesn’t grow into something expensive. Our roof inspections are always free and scheduled at your convenience. So whatever the reason, whether it’s for a problem or simply maintenance, Olympus Home carries you through the process to make it simple!
Contractors Inspecting Roof leaks

The process:


Get in touch to set an appointment time that is convenient for you. Then, a trained, licensed, and insured roofer will come to your house and inspect the roof, exterior, gutters & downspouts, and interior if needed. Inspections can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

During the Inspection

We take pictures during the inspection so you can have the visuals for what was found. Our roofers will then walk you through the process of what you can expect next to best meet your needs, from scheduling to financing.

Work Begins

 We make it easy to get started fixing your problem! If you have a leak, you’re already dealing with an inconvenience. We don’t want to add to that. So our team will help at every corner, from filing the claim for you to offering color-match advice on shingle colors. Work begins on your project! 
All roof inspections are free and come with a free quote. We’ll sit down and thoroughly run through what an insurance claim could look like or options if it’s not covered by your insurer. As a company that puts customer satisfaction first, we’ll keep you informed, while making the process hassle-free.
If you have any questions about the detailed process, please call the office! We’d love to hear from you! 
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