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If tackling a home or roof problem seems daunting, you’re not alone! That’s why Olympus Home specializes in doing the heavy lifting and making the process easy for homeowners.
Though we’re familiar with a range of questions, there are a few common ones we always see. 
If there isn’t anything actively leaking, we’re often asked, “Why do I need a home and roof inspection?” 
If there is an issue, the question is usually, “How fast can you get out here and what are you going to do?” 
Let us answer all the questions you might have about the inspection and repair process!

Home + Roof Inspection Process

Once you call us, we take some basic information so we can assign the best technician suited for your situation. We then schedule a time convenient to your schedule to come meet you at your home. All our inspections and an estimate are always free.
Inspections usually take about 15-45 minutes. For preventative maintenance inspections, the technician will typically not need entrance inside the home. The contractor will inspect your house’s exterior from the ground, then move on to the gutters, downspouts, and eventually the roof.
If there is a situation where a leak or rot is present, occasionally the technician could need to see the damage inside the home to properly assess the cause, though this is on a case by case basis. 

At the end of the inspection, the contractor will let you know the results, as well as email any pictures needed for your records. If there is an issue, the contractor is sure to discuss all possible solutions, financing, and the process moving forward. We’ll also take custom measurements of your house (ex: roof area, length of gutters, etc) so we can give you an accurate and custom quote for the project. 

Repair Process

If  an issue or damage is found, our technicians are trained to know what is and is not covered by insurance. If there is enough damage to warrant going through insurance (which is often the case when a full roof replacement is needed due to weather issues),  then we specialize in getting your claim covered. 

As we work with all insurers, we’re familiar with the specific requirements needed by each insurance company. We can even help call in the claim for you and provide the information needed to make the claims process smooth and easy!

Once the claim is filed, an adjuster with your insurance company will come out to your home or business to conduct their own inspection. Our contractors will be there with the adjusters as well, so they can fight for your case and make sure that nothing is missed on their itemized coverage report (called the scope of work).

We always take the custom measurements of your house so we can give you an accurate free estimate of what a repair or replacement would cost. 

If the project is being covered by your insurance, we’ll use the scope of work coming from the insurance company. We always complete the project for the amount stated on the insurance paperwork, so that all records match and everything is clean and above board. 

Unlike other roofing companies that aggressively push contracts on you the moment they do an inspection, we only ask you to sign a contract before work begins, so you feel comfortable with us and unpressured. We don’t even take payment until the repair process is underway!

For projects not going through insurance, we also offer financing options. 

Once the contract is signed, we will schedule your start date for your roofing, gutters, etc. repair/replacement. 

Most repairs can be fixed within a day. For example, our in house gutter team can do a full tear-off of your old gutters and downspouts and replace them with the new ones usually within 1/2 a day. You could go to lunch and the gym, then come back to an entirely new drainage system!

If a complete roof replacement is happening, we usually complete the job within 1-2 days depending on the size and steepness of the roof. But don’t fret! If two days are required, the roofing crew will lay out our synthetic underlayment and tarps to make sure you won’t have any problems should there be a surprise sprinkle overnight.

 For commercial work, time to complete a project is often similar to our residential work timeline. Of course, it’s always dependent on the scale of the project and the size of the building.

After each and ever job, we send our Quality Control representative out to your home or business to go over all the checkpoints! We make sure everything looks great, works great, and was completed to your 100% satisfaction. We value our reputation with our customers above all us, so if there is ever an issue, rest assured we are there to fix it. 

All our work comes with our workmanship warranty, on top of the manufacturer warranties for all our supplies. So you will always be well protected with Olympus Home! 

If you have specific questions or would like to talk to us directly, you can call the office or reach out via email or our social channels! 
We make it a priority to answer all questions from the community and thoroughly explain the process to homeowners, so you can move forward with trust and confidence in what is being done to your beloved home! 
Check out our residential roofing or inspection pages for more information. 
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