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Nestled into the foothills of the Appalachians are some of the most notable cities is North Carolina. From ever popular Asheville, filled with breweries and eclectic art to the rustic feel of surrounding Hendersonville and Flat Rock, you’re never far from something intriguing!

This area of N.C. is a great spot for homeowners. It’s accessible to first time home-buyers putting down roots, while offering a wonderful atmosphere for established families. 

Though owning a home is a joy and comfort for many, it can require a lot of work and maintenance. Especially, because of the surprises the North Carolinian weather can bring for roofing and siding issues. 

The rolling thunderstorms known around the southeast can drop leaves, tree branches, hail, and massive amounts of water on a homestead. Sometimes, the impact is enough to put a small crack in a shingle. Once a tiny opening is formed, it doesn’t take very long for heat and cold to wear away at the shingle’s integrity, leaving the plywood of a roof exposed to leaks. Once a leak forms, things get expensive quickly. 

Similar to a roof, should a gutter or downspout get clogged (which happens to the best of us!), it can cause the water to stop draining away from the house. Instead, water can overflow onto the side of the house, wearing away at paint, causing mold, and even leaking through to the interior. 

It’s always best to catch these problems while they’re small! In North Carolina, Olympus Home offers a wide away of services to help should you have any home contractor need. We assist with roof repairs, gutter repairs and installations, siding work, and windows. 

Should there be interior issues, we will repair those as well! We want to be your one stop shop for all your contractor needs, so you don’t have to deal with the stress of shopping around to multiple companies and coordinating different schedules. 

All of Olympus Home’s contractors are trained to spot what is and what isn’t covered by insurance, so we can make sure you’re paying as little money for your damage repair! 

Residential roofing and home work is offered to any homeowner that simply wants to update their current systems. You don’t have to have hail damage on your roof to want a new one! Luckily, Olympus Home can provide free estimates for all projects. 

All our work will always begin with a free inspection. So don’t wait to give us a call! It’s best to find small issues before they grow into big problems. Since we’re local, if you have an emergency need, we’re quick to make it out to your home and help get you back on track to normalcy. 

So if you’re in lower North Carolina around Asheville and Hendersonville, and in need of a roofer, gutters, gutter guards, siding, or window repair, then look no further! Allow Olympus Home and our contractors the opportunity to prove how much we value our customer satisfaction. 

Give us a call let us know what you you need! We’re happy to go into further detail about what we offer and how we can help you with your repair, leak, or project! 

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